Bella Luce Kennels - Raising Spinoni Italiano

Spinoni Italiani (plural) or Spinone Italiano (singular) have been bred to be a versatile hunting dog. Their strong bodies, thick skin, and webbed feet, along with their keen sense of smell, enable them to search or track birds through water, underbrush and other varied terrains.

Their sweet temperament also makes a Spinone a wonderful companion dog. However, these dogs do require some care and commitment from their owners. As large dogs, Spinoni require exercise and space to run. While some have said that Spinoni don’t shed, this can be debated. The American Kennel Club standard for the coat length in Spinoni is one and a half inches to two and a half inches (plus or minus a half inch) with no undercoat. This hair may be flat or crimped. Either way, some brushing will be needed to remove old hair, burrs or other debris such as small twigs which can get caught in their wiry coat. Due to the lack of an undercoat, these dogs dry quickly. Their distinctive beards do not seem to dry as quickly. After a long drink of water, a Spinone might not be the most welcomed dog in some homes.

Curious by nature, and perhaps tentative in new situations, Spinoni should be socialized to a wide variety of situations starting as puppies and continuing throughout their lives. They thrive in situations where they have on going interaction with “their family”, and many enjoy going to work with their owners.

The effort and commitment involved with raising a Spinone can be a richly rewarding experience. They are trainable and appear to enjoy adapting to their master’s routines. They can easily prove themselves in the field. When out of the field, they may express themselves with clownish behavior. These dogs can be lifelong companions -one of the best rewards being a warm loving look from their soulful eyes.

Bella Luce Kennels
Pronounced “Bell-uh Loo-chay”

Located in Oregon

Raising Spinoni Italiano since 1998

AKC Conformation Champions

AKC Hunting Titles

AKC Breeder of Merit

NAVHDA Hunting Titles

NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeders Award 2008

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